Advice for Junior PMs – #1 – Say what you mean

Have you tried to move the needle eight days a week without being struck by analysis paralysis?  I have.

It’s not uncommon for certain professions to use certain turns of phrase, but it often doesn’t help non-professionals understand what you mean.  To wit, translating a “come to Jesus moment” from English to Spanish and back results in “Jesus time reached“.

Some PM terms will be legitimate (especially PMIisms).  However, a mature project manager does not try to obfuscate what they really mean with a colloquial turn of phrase (see what I did there?).

A mature project manager says what they mean.


At your next team meeting, invite your team to play PM Lingo Bingo. The winner doesn’t have to submit their TPS report for the week.


About Jason H Zalmanowitz
I am a nerdy Management Consultant / Project Manager with a MBA, have spent the majority of my career working for consulting firms in Calgary, and I race in triathlons because of (and thanks to) my wife. As a Project Manager, I have managed field implementations, strategy development projects, software development projects, and hardware implementation projects. As a consultant, I have helped companies articulate how and why they are going to implement and interact with sustaining technology to support their business.

4 Responses to Advice for Junior PMs – #1 – Say what you mean

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  3. Hope Bruce says:

    This is a great article and something in all professions should consider! Thanks for posting it Jason.

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