Advice for Junior PMs – #3 – The value of a kick off meeting for a small team

Culture eats Strategy for Breakfast – Peter Drucker

As a junior PM, you’re likely not going to be given a multi-million dollar mega project.  You probably won’t be managing more than 3 or 4 people for your first few projects.  If you have a project that lasts longer than 6 months, you’re the exception, not the rule.

So why, then, even though your small project was more likely to be successful than some of the larger ones, are you not feeling that elation and BFF-ness with your project team once things wrap up?  Quite frankly, it’s because you, as the Project Manager, did not take the lead proactively setting up the culture of your project.  Culture tends to devolve to the lowest common denominator – which isn’t a bad thing when you are surrounded by awesome people, but can really suck when you are assigned a couple of bitter cynics. Read more of this post


The Practical Application of Big Data for the PMO

As part of this month’s Ideaca blogging network challenge, we were tasked with discussing our thoughts on Big Data.

This is the second post of a 2 part post:

  • The first part covered how you, as a project manager, should approach a project that carries the mantle of “Big Data.”
  • The second part will cover how you, as someone in a Project/Program Management Office, can use Big Data without getting snookered by the hype.

Part 2 – I’m a PMO Manager. Why do I care about Big Data?

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