Project Management isn’t just for IT or Engineering anymore

As part of this month’s Ideaca blogging network challenge, we were tasked with discussing our thoughts on Emerging Practices.

One of my favorite quotes to reference from the The Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK, pronounced pemmmmbock) is “As project management is a critical strategic discipline, the project manager becomes the link between the strategy and the team. Projects are essential to the growth and survival of organizations.” So, while operational duties are of very high importance to maintaining the forward momentum and revenue generation for a company, projects are strategic and help organizations react to changes in the external environment that may slow forward momentum and/or impair revenue generation.

Taking this as rote, one Emerging Practice that I am pleased to see is that more industries and functions – outside of Engineering and IT – are recognizing the need for project management:

So what does this mean for Project Management as a career? It means that effective Project Management is not just for IT and Engineering anymore. In fact, the rest of the organization is going to have to contend with: Read more of this post