What type of Project Manager do you want to be?

Have you ever worried that you are haphazardly grasping at a path?  Becoming the type of Project Manager that is sought after as a trusted adviser doesn’t just happen.  You have to be deliberate in defining the type of Project Manager that you want to be.

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Advice from a Project Manager on delivering “Business Value”

Ever so often, I poke my head up from my projects to review what’s going on in magazines like HBR, CIO, and Forbes.  In this recent round, I came across a “trend” that directly impacts the projects that I have been working on – Justifying the Business Value of IT.  These articles, though, are focusing on all of the same topics that we have been kicking around since Y2K – delivering to expectations, managing customer demand, and providing professional service.

As someone who has worked with IT (either in, for, and managing) for the majority of my career, I really don’t want to get into the argument of whether IT matters or not, because it does (like any other service organization).  However, I have only ever worked with one company where IT was not the “problem child”.

Successfully managing IT should not be a hard task, but is often made complex due to an unmanaged gap between expectations and reality.  More often than not, IT does it to themselves by not understanding their clients, the constraints of service delivery, and remaining aloof with a black-box mentality.

I would like to offer some advice from a Project Managers perspective on how to run Corporate IT.

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Advice for Junior PMs – # 9 – Choosing the right project

Early on in my career, I was given the very sound advice of “Part of being a successful Project Manager is choosing the right project.”  Up to that point, I had either been very lucky (approximately 70% of IT projects are failures per a 2008 statistic) or just really really good at what I do (but I’m leaning towards luck with just a hint of skill).

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